UT Biotech Greenhouse

Knoxville, Tennessee

Trial Gardens. In addition to the research activities common in other greenhouses, this facility features a large teaching component housed in two state-of-the-art classrooms. The large classroom has abundant natural light and views toward the trial gardens.

Among comments from a peer-review jury: This building presents a mundane material palette used to great effect. There is a simple sectional clarity and a connection to the exterior established throughout the corridors. In granting this award the jury specifically wishes to highlight the sunshading detail and lighting detail that sculpts daylight to create a system of passive way-finding.




Higher Education

Square Footage:



Knoxville, Tennessee


2009 AIA East Tennessee Merit Award



Project Notes:

The internal circulation is arranged for maximum efficiency to allow the passage of both people and agriculture machinery. Large banks of windows along the primary student corridor visually connect the theory taught in the classrooms with the hands-on experiments taking place in the working glasshouses.