Burlington Branch Library

Knoxville, Tennessee

Among the numerous challenges posed by the complex program and tight budget was the desire to have after-hours accessibility for civic functions as well as a need to address the negative reaction of some community leaders to the idea of reusing this uninspiring structure instead of constructing an entirely new building.

The Burlington Branch Library in East Knoxville represented for a peer-review jury of the project a true commitment to design. As an urban renewal gesture, it brings a sense of respect to the community in an area where this is generally lacking. The jury was immediately struck by the complete transformation of this strip building.




Civic, Adaptive Reuse

Square Footage:



Knoxville, Tennessee


2007 AIA East Tennessee Honor Citation, 2009 Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award, 2008 Metropolitan Planning Commission Excellence Award



Project Notes:

The interior color palette is bright and modern, with special attention paid to the children’s reading area to make it fun and interactive. Linear fixtures were chosen that bounce light off of the exposed roof structure and down onto the reading tables; providing a glare-free surface